Sunday, November 18, 2012

Father Figure Vol 2

I'm an advocator for the use of porno in sexytime between a man and his woman, or some woman or another man or two women or any combination of the above you care to engage in.

 It's all good.

This is one of those good sexytime films.  It's artsy, there is actual attention payed to ambiance, lighting, mise-en-scene (which is a pretentious word for everything else a director uses to, in this case, make the idea of two people swapping DNA more interesting to the viewer) and shit like that.

In this case the idea that is being conveyed is fairly simple if not highly sexy.  Here's what's going to happen for the next couple of hours or so.  Younger women are going to seduce and fuck the shit out of older guys who should probably know better.

The down sides, well it's pretty formulaic and fairly vanilla.  If your tuning in for some fucked up sexual acrobatics that could get you a fine from the local zoning board, meh, keep going.  There isn't much here.  A rather cute girl is going to get a dude all up ins, the commence-a-fuckin, he dribbles his juice on her chest, end scene.

That's it.  No cocks going where no cock has gone before.  No trying to straddle a bathroom stall while a man name Greebo in a trucker hat uses his penis to put on a puppet show while a midget dances to La Bamba in the background.  This is good-old fashioned penis in vagina, pound a few times, spurt some juice, feel guilty about it later, sex.  Sex that the catholic church would approve if they ever approved of this sort of thing.

Scene 1: Roadtrip 

So Alex Knight is taking his daughter and her friend, Reily Reid to college.  They are driving along until they have to pull over while Knight's daughter, human volcano that she is, gets carsick.  They decide to get a hotel for the night and the faceless girl playing the part of Knights, fragile-stomached- daughter bursts into the hotel room and proceeds to puke up things that... I assume she must have eaten last week or something.  Don't worry, they don't show it.  Just the noises.

Reily decides she doesn’t want to stay in there, as much fun as listening to her friend toss her cookies is, so she asks Knight if she can have her own room.


For some reason they go into his room together and sit down on the bed for a little heart to heart.  She never really knew her dad.  Mom dates a few guys, but they are all assholes.  Not like Alec who is a Father Figure to her.  See... see... what they did there?  See!  See!  That's called a title line.  As subtle as jizz on a nun outfit.

I hope you enjoyed that mental image, because I’m going to hell for it.

She asks him to just hold her for a minute.  They embrace.  Okay, everyone say it with me.. "Awww....!"  Then she starts kissing him.  Lightly, just on the ear and down the neck.  He looks like he is going to resist for a minute... kinda.  Maybe just a little.

See that?  That's ACTING!  And pretty good, I must say.  I’m not saying I’m going to run in there and jam an Oscar up his asshole.  But given the bar set by porny acting, not bad.
There is no way any woman likes licking balls as much as she seems to.  

Anyway Reily does the seducing so it’s up to Alec to go down.   It's only polite. Shirts and pants start  start coming off and he dives into her cute little puss.    After a minutes, she starts sucking him off, and wow does so go at it.  It's a shame, but the blowjob is so often just a thing that seems to happen before a proper fuck in porn.  But the way Reily gobbles his knob, I actually beleive that she’s doing it because she can’t NOT have a penis shoved right down her throat.

After some hardstyle knob throating, she climbs on top and they start fucking.  At one point he remembers that he’s still wearing socks and actually takes them off.  I don’t know why, but I found that increadibly funny.  I mean, I’ve done it.  We all have.  I usually just say fuck it and leave them on.  Don’t want tootsies to get cold mid-coitus.  But he took them off. 

They go at it like that for quite a while, almost too long.  The switch up positions every now and then, kind of for the look of the thing.  He pulls out and cums on her stomach and she arches up and let’s his DNA run down to her neck.

Afterwords the make out for a minute or so.  No word on if she ever got her seperate room.  Or how much his daughter ended up vomiting.

Scene 2: Fallout.
Marcus London is home by himself and there is a knock on the door okay so it his old girlfriend’s daughter, Jessie Andrews.  She got into a fight with her mother... blah, blah blah, so they should have a little heart to heart. 

Here’s the thing, she thinks he might have a thing for her.  Personally, I hope so.  I've got a stiffy and I wanna see these to mash naughty bits.   But London is going to play hard to get, because *sigh* that's what the fucking movie is about, init?

“Sandy this is wrong, you know it’s wrong” London says.

Yes it is.   That thing where you know you’re not suppose to do something but you do it anyway?    Fuck if those things aren't fun, and they are milking that instinct like... well... like Jessie in about five to ten minutes or so.

So they start the kissing and the fondling.  He starts rubbing her puss and slowly slides his hand under her panties.  More kissing, clothing starts being pulled aside and he starts sucking on her tits.  Then he starts licking her panty-covered puss and she is really getting into it.  Again, a pretty awesome performance by the girl here.  The panties are pushed aside and he dives in.  Certain Germans from last week’s post could learn a thing or two.

That goes on until she goes for his cock and she does it with the same gusto.  There's a little self-choking deep throat action, which I’m not normally a fan of, but the way she does it... well she does it as if there was no possible way to keep her from doing it.

Then she gets on top, pops the cock into her little puss and starts fucking away.  They do it like that for a while before the whole side by side with the cock up between her legs thing.  He down there rubbing her little clit which... you know that’s nice.  My lady’s a fan of that move and it makes the sex more real.   It's like, “Look!  That’s shit I do!  To a human!  Without feeling lots of shame afterward or having to apologize to the human involved.”
Courtesy:  A little tit for clit.

At one point I was even thinking she might be about to squirt.  She didn’t, but I thought it was in her ability.  Fucking tease.

A quick shift into missionary.  that goes for a little while, he starts going faster and faster until he drops a couple dallops o daisy on her stomach.

Scene 3: Into the Fire.
Some grey-haired old goat dude is fucking with his car swearing up a storm and the cutest girl thus far, Alyssa Branch walks in.  What can I say?  I like long haired-red heads and well.... that’s her.

Anyway she is dating his son or something or was, apparently the boy was putting his dick in holes that he shouldn’t be putting his dick in.

Anyway they talk and Jay Crew hurts his finger and she takes it and sucks on it.  As a method of first aid... terrible.  God only knows where this woman’s mouth has been.  But as seduction, well it works for me. 

Anyway, rather quickly for this film, they fall into bed, her having lost her panties somewhere in the battle.

Anyway they get naked.  Branch undresses on top of the guy before he flips her over sucks on her tits and then goes for her snatch.    This girl doesn’t have quite the enthusiasm or at least the vocal enthusiasm.  She still has a very pretty strained look on her face as the man sucks the hell out of her pussy.   The thing about this moment is that it’s probably closer to reality then we are typically use to from porn.  In most porn it’s an act which means that your doing it wrong.   A few laps on the clit aren’t going to cut it, ARE YOU LISTENING GERMAN GUYS?   As I understand it, for a proper cunt lapping, you have to make a valiant effort to enter the woman head first.  In other words, you shouldn't get to see a lot of tongue action.

Then he pulls himself up and begins to fuck her missionary style.  After a bit of that, spoons position.
The weird thing about this, especially in the realm of hard core pornography is the lack of explicit penetration.  I mean this movie isn’t about those mega-closeups anyway, it’s just not their style, but this was different.
Seriously though, I know anatomy.  Where exactly is his cock?

At some point I actually started to question whether they were actually fucking.  It’s a nice scene, still kind of hot through the whole build up, but those that need to penetration, i.e. most guys are going to be pissed off here.

Then she get’s on top and does some swivelly hip motion and some full on (pseudo)fucking.  And even i have to admit that I was a little annoyed going forward.  Finally towards the end it shows that, yeah.  Okay they are fucking.  The penis is in the vajay-jay.  It’s pounding away.  This woman is not walking away un-defiled, you may now jerk off, or fuck your chosen partner, perform Mayan sacrifice... whatever makes your grapefruit squirt.

Still it’s worth noting though, and I have to admit it kept me interested.  It might be a sad state of affairs that to keep my interest, discretion is the best tool.

A woman dressed in a nurse outfit, deepthroating a wallaby while a man dressed as Santa Clause porks her in the ass with a toilet plunger.  *yawn*  People fucking where I can’t see pee-pee go in and out!  *Gasp*  Must.  Watch. Until. I. See. GENITALS!

Don’t judge.

Anyway they fuck. Proper fuck this time.  She get’s on top and really rides away.  It’s pretty great to watch.  She has the nicest little tits, the cutest face and the way it’s shot makes it kind of a cool sight.

Anyway he flips her on her back after a while and pounds it home until he too, cums on her stomach.  Back to yawn.

Scene 4: Last Goodbye
Okay time for the teacher student fantasy.    Katie St. Ives is planing on leaving school because, er things aren’t going well.    It turns out she’s from a small town not a big city.... nah nevermind.  She just wants to jump Dale Dabone' bones.

Anyway he goes on this very long tirade of what, exactly a father figure means.  Great.  Good to know.  See.  This is not creepy at all it’s just a guy who is proactive and... er well who cares.

For those of you watching this with a fuck partner, this is a good time to start playing with tits, cunt and cocks to get ready for the next round.   If, you're by youself... I dunno go make a peanut butter sandwich or something.  Maybe go outside and see daylight.  Put pants on first!  Perv.
Teacher was a hell's angel back in the day.
Okay so they start making out and getting undressed.  Her tits come out first and they are a pleasant sight.  A little kissing and sucking of the tits and they are both naked.  She drops down and begins sucking the dude off in his office chair.  It’s not as interesting as some of the others, but she gives it a good effort.  And keep in mind the blowjob bar is a little higher in this flick.

He pushes her back and puts shoves it in.  For some reason the sounds she made as he plowed into her.... well it was a mixture of suprise, pleasure with just a hint of pain. 

I do have one minor complaint.  This is nit picking, but still.  Okay, the dude has a full arm tattoo. There’s nothing wrong with that except that he’s suppose to be a button-down teacher.   Okay, yes I am pointing out continuancy errors in porn.  I don’t know what kind of lunatic that makes me, but there you go.

Anyway they fuck on the ottoman.  I think that’s the ottoman.  Is the ottoman the part of the chair that’s like a foot rest?  A thing that should be called a foot rest except that foot rest doesn’t sound appropriatley pretentious enough. 

Anyway, they fuck on the ottomon foot rest thingy.

Then she gets on top for a minutes, but nothing all that interesting happens except for some light giggling, so he flips her over and pounds her from behind holding her hands behind her.  It’s a suprising bit of sexual aggression in a porn that’s been a lot of kisses and longing looks.  It was a nice suprise.  Then a little side by side, then back to missionary.  Lots of position changes in this one.  He too fucks for a while before pulling out and spraying on her stomach, although it’s a decent sized amount of man juice.

In the end, you've got to keep in mind what you are dealing with here.  This is for sexytime. Something to keep less porn-inclined sex partners from fleeing due to excessive nastiness.

Still, nice flick overall.  The build-ups are hot as hell, even if the actual fucking is kinda... well... meh.

I'd recomend it as long as you have someone you can commit unspeakable sins with while watching.  Or alone if you're into a more romantic wack-off mood.  The kind where you put in some smooth music, buy yourself dinner...maybe snuggle yourself for a while... that thing.

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